How to Exercise Your Rights Fully

As well as the overarching human rights agreed upon by the global institution that is the UN, we also possess more regionally or nationally specific rights. These rights are less about the basics and more about our right to exist in a fair and just system of commerce, business, and law – a system that’s equal to all. In order to really exercise your rights, though, you need to know about them, how to reference them, and how to leverage your rights to your advantage. In this article, you’ll find out how that can be done.


As a consumer, you’re protected by a huge swathe of rights that determine what you’re allowed to be sold, and what conditions need to be met in order for the trader to justify the price they’re requiring of you. In simple terms, you have a right not to be ripped off, and a right to be sold a product that’s safety-tested. You also have a right, therefore, to sue if you are not afforded your consumer rights. A classic example often exercised is the delayed flight: you have a right as a consumer to demand compensation from the airline after lengthy delays.

Legal Disputes

When in a legal dispute, you’ll quickly find that your life becomes consumed by the lawsuit that you’re involved in. This is an institutional failure on the part of the judicial service: it benefits the larger companies or institutions that you’re legally challenging. In order to balance the books lightly to keep you in the fight for your right, you’ll want to look into Lawsuit Loans. These will keep you afloat until you win the case – and are reimbursed for your troubles – and will keep the case from becoming too large a stress on you and your family.

Citizen’s Rights

As we’re frequently alerted to in cases of police violence and the violation of citizens’ rights around the world, there is a line at which the state are not allowed to cross into our affairs. For instance, our we have a right to our privacy, and a right to silence under interrogation. These rights are often infringed, and it is in part a citizen’s responsibility to maintain and understand their own rights, calling out police officers or other state actors who assume the power to contravene our sovereign rights in our own countries.


A new and emerging field of our rights is in the digital realm, where in recent years concerns over the consumption, surveillance or harvesting or our personal data has made headlines. In response to this, regulations and legislation are determining what is and what is not acceptable in the digital realm. This is a fast-developing area of a digital citizen’s rights, and to truly stay on top of your rights it is best to follow organizations involved in setting these rights. Data is considered a new form of power and currency, so be sure to keep yours secure and safe – as is your right.

As a citizen, you have a responsibility to exercise your rights and to protect the rights of others. This article should help point you towards behaviors that do so.

How I Made Social Media Marketing Work And Earned $1.5M In 4 Weeks

Some background first. I’ve been working with digital strategy and communication for more than 10 years. Among other things, I was the person behind Maersk’s success story on social media back in 2011-13.

I have always believed – and have been quoted saying – that you should not use social to sell, but to communicate. You can sell your products elsewhere, via platforms where it’s what people actually want from you. Via your newsletter, for example.

Becoming Your Own Boss: How to Earn Money from Your Own Home

It’s common for people to want to quit their full- or part-time jobs and start a career from the comfort of their home. However, you’ll need to ensure there is an avenue for you to go down before you say goodbye to your career.

Thankfully, there are numerous ways you can start to earn a steady profit online, so you can become your own boss. To get started, find out how to earn money from your own home.

Complete Online Surveys

Whether you are a student wanting to earn a little extra cash when studying, or you simply want to regularly top up your bank balance, you should start completing online surveys for money. You can simply sign-up for free, complete your profile, and then starting filling in surveys to send cash directly into your bank account. It couldn’t be easier.

Write and Publish eBooks

Writing and publishing a popular eBook could allow you to enjoy a superb income. If you have in-depth knowledge on a topic or a story you want to share with the world, you should consider researching and writing your book, which you can publish with the Amazon Kindle store. Anyone can publish an eBook to make money, and you can even set its price to determine your revenue, as you will make 70% of the profits from every sale.

Become a Freelancer

If you have a specific skill, you might finally be able to say goodbye to your current 9 to 5 job and embark on a career as a freelancer. Many large and small companies are hoping to hire talented, experienced workers with a specific skill set, such as copywriting, graphic design, accounting, web development, or data entry, plus more. So, you can say goodbye to the boring commute, turn on your computer and simply get to work.

Buy and Sell Domains to Make a Big Profit

A domain name can cost you a couple of dollars to register, but a premium domain could help you to potentially generate a notable income once you decide to sell it. However, you must find a domain name that will have a commercial value and then buy it before someone else does. You should then list the domain for sale, which could be snapped up by a company who wants your URL to complement their business.

Start an E-commerce Business

Rather than working for another company, why don’t you launch your own e-commerce business? All you need to do is find a great wholesaler that stocks high-quality products at an affordable price, which you can sell on your website to your demographic.

Simply pick items you believe your target market would want to buy and offer a competitive price that will help you to enjoy a healthy return on your investment. Don’t forget to spread the word about your business using SEO tactics, a PPC strategy, engaging social media posts, and compelling email marketing campaigns.

How To Improve Business Efficiency

No business will succeed if it does not run efficiently. An efficient business works like a well-oiled machine which will ensure that everything goes according to plan and profits can be maximised. It can be a huge challenge to improve the efficiency of a company, and it will not happen overnight, but it will all prove to be worth it in the end as it can make work much easier along with benefiting the business as a whole. How you go about improving efficiency will depend on your own organisation and what industry you work in, but here are a few ideas which could be effective:

Bolster Workforce

The workforce is the beating heart of the company and will determine how smoothly the operation runs. You need to make sure that you are hiring skilled workers for the right positions as well as providing them with regular training to develop important business skills. As an entrepreneur, it can also be helpful to add to your staff or delegate your own responsibilities so that you can have more time to spend on “the big picture.”

Improve Morale With Flexible Working

In addition to bolstering the workforce, it is also vital that you keep your employees happy as this will be key for productivity and morale. There are many different ways that this can be achieved, but offering flexible working allows an employee to find the best way that they can work and for them to fit work around their life. This could be through remote working, flex-time or compressed hours.

Embrace Technology

Technology and business go hand-in-hand, and there are all kinds of amazing developments that have been made in recent times. The technology that can improve efficiency will depend on your industry, but you may find that there is tech that can automate certain tasks or you could be using technology to gather, monitor and analyse data to make informed business decisions.

Use Specialists

You can also improve efficiency by using specialists to handle certain areas of the operation. For example, a highly respected shipping company could take all of the stress out of this side while ensuring that shipments are made on time and within the budget. You can find these companies by searching in your local area such as the best Chicago freight shipping company, for example. The best business owners understand that sometimes you need to bring in experts from elsewhere to handle certain areas and this can help to make your operation much more efficient.

When your operation runs smoothly and efficiently it will help your company to grow and find success. Improving the efficiency of a business is a big challenge and one which should be seen as an ongoing process, but the above are all key ways to make the operation run like a well-oiled machine. The key is to identify areas of weakness, to embrace technology and to make the most of the staff that you have while bringing in experts to handle certain areas of the operation.

Three Ways to Cultivate a Professional Freelance Reputation

When you decide to take your talents away from the corporate career path and strike out on your own as a freelancer, your first priority needs to be fostering a professional reputation for yourself and your work. This is by far the best way to get new clients interested in your work and encourage them to hire you for their various projects, but how to put across this level of professionalism in the first place is a matter in and of itself. In the below guide, you will learn three ways of cultivating the best reputation you can as quickly as possible.

A good first impression

As a freelancer, there are only two things that are going to get people interested in commissioning you for their projects. The first is the quality of the work you have already done, and the second is if they like you as a person. To get potential clients on board, you need to be making a first impression that counts, and there is no better place to do this that at networking events. At these events, you will be surrounded by people who are eager to hire you. The important thing you need to nail down is your elevator pitch. This is where you lay out who you are, what you do, and why people should hire you. Make sure you approach it in a way that isn’t too in their faces or selling too strongly, as people will respond negatively to this. Instead, listen to what they have to say with genuine interest, put across your own ideas and expertise, and always have a good business card at the ready should they take the bait.

A knock-out online profile

Of course, not all first impressions happen in person. In our digital society, many happen online, so you need to understand the importance of having a good website and what you can do to make it look its best. The first port of call is to ensure that your website is easy to navigate, as a confusing layout will put off potential clients before they even get to see your work. The next port of call is to make sure you have a portfolio of some of your best work easily accessible.

A professional workspace

A key way of fostering a professional reputation is making sure that your place of work reflects your ethic and quality. As a freelancer looking to move up in the world, you can’t be doing your work from your kitchen table or inviting people over to talk about commissions in your living room. An alternative that suits a lot of freelance workers is a co-working space, such as those offered by The Brew. Co-working spaces are a great place to build your network and meet other freelance professionals, while also providing the perfect office space where you can hold meetings with clients.

Going freelance is an exciting career move, and once you get the basics down of coming across as a professional, you will see the commissions flying in.

The Future is Bright: How Digital Tech Is Changing the Healthcare Game

To stay as effective and efficient as possible, the industry of healthcare needs to adapt to the latest technologies and embrace the most up-to-date procedures. Today, this means making full use of all things digital, as this incredible, constantly evolving technology helps to improve the experience of medical professionals and patients alike.

There are a variety of ways in which the digital world is changing the game in healthcare; you will find interesting information on a few of them below.

Virtual care

The ability to tap into care virtually at all times of the day, on all days of the year, is allowing more and more people the chance to use their healthcare. What’s more, the engagement between patients and physicians is now broader than ever. It’s safe to say that virtual care is playing a definite role in the changing face of healthcare. What’s more, as bettering customer touchpoint interaction is an integral part of the latest marketing techniques, this type of virtuality is having an impact on digital marketing, too.

Specifically, what this type of eHealth technology creates is a platform for patients to get in touch with the physicians that are tending to their ailments through their computer screens, meaning trips to the surgery are becoming void. This type of tech could prove to be very beneficial for older patients that cannot get out of their home easily or those with full-time jobs and limited free time to visit the doctor.

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things harnesses better patient experiences and reduces clinical errors through its accurate collection of data, therefore, meaning it is a type of technology that is impacting the healthcare industry for the better.

If you are a medical professional, then learning all about the Internet of Things is essential as it could change your career forever. Knowledge about its ability to manage disease in real-time and its capabilities of stopping the spreading of illness going forward could set you apart from the crowd when it comes to landing a high profile role in a hospital. If you want to find out more about what this tech can offer you specifically, head to the IoT Solutions World Congress to find out everything that there is to know about the Internet of Things medical applications

Online information platforms

Online information platforms are communities in which people discuss their treatment programs and procedures, and it is helping people to treat themselves and get over their ailments as a result. What this means is that healthcare professionals aren’t inundated with patients all day long, meaning those patients that really need to see them can be seen on time and in detail.

Virtual care is allowing people the chance to come into contact with their physicians without having to travel to see them. Furthermore, the Internet of Things is helping healthcare to evolve, and online information platforms are streamlining the patient process. It means that digital technology is changing the landscape of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, helping economies to collaborate and grow, and it is doing so for the better.

Three Essential Wellness Techniques for Any Workplace

The better you enjoy your work and workplace, the better your overall quality of life will be. The first step to do this, of course, is to find an employer who values company culture as much as you do. Once you do that, it is up to you to take advantage of the benefits and to change your lifestyle habits to better your wellness and improve your overall satisfaction and fulfilment at work. You can enjoy what you do, but you need to treat your job as more than just a means of making money. To do this, try adopting these three wellness techniques to start. 

Know Your Rights as a Worker

The first step to being satisfied in your job is to know your rights as a worker. The more you know about your rights, the better you can protect your health and wellbeing at work. For example, if you have been notifying your employer of a fault on their production floor, and then you or anyone else gets injured because it hasn’t been fixed, you need to seek compensation. Similarly, if you were injured because of a lack of health and safety checks, which led to the deterioration of some aspect of your workplace, then the employer is also liable. By contacting The Compensation Experts, you can see if you have a case because you deserve financial security as you heal.

Do More with Your Breaks to Better Health and Wellbeing

Though it is up to the employer to better the break room and provide their employees with key appliances to prepare food as well as free coffee and so on, it is up to you to take advantage of it. Eating your lunch at your desk is never a good idea. Instead, try to either eat in the break room or go outside. Bring your coworkers with you and have a great picnic during your lunch hour, and so on. By doing more with your breaks, you can better your health and wellbeing and tackle your everyday challenges with a fresh mind.

Learn on the Job

Stagnating is rarely ideal for your wellbeing. That is why you need to ask to learn. Shadow different departments and your superiors. Learn new programs, learn new skills, and take on new responsibilities. Not only will this help you stay fulfilled in your life, but it will also show the right sort of initiative that employers look for when they need to promote someone. At the very least, you will be much more employable if you choose to move on.

Decorate Your Desk

It is very difficult to work non-stop for hours on end. Working in hour blocks and alternating tasks can help, yes, but chances are you will need “micro-breaks” to keep you going. That is why decorating your desk can actually improve your wellness. Add photos of people and things you love, have an air-purifying plant, and get a tactile stress toy to stimulate your senses and give you the extra push to keep working hard.

Wellness and the workplace go hand in hand. The better you feel about your workplace, the better you can work and the better you will enjoy your life as a whole. Your employers, of course, can only do so much – it is up to you to meet them halfway.

A Guide to Renting Your First Property

An increasing number of Americans, particularly young people starting out in the world, are choosing to rent rather than try and own their own home. It has been speculated that this shift is due to young people wanting more flexibility, prioritizing travel and adventure over staying put. This being said, even when renting, you need to make sure you are making an informed choice on whatever property it is you are going to settle on. After all, even if only for a short while this is going to be your home and base, so you don’t want to be making compromises or taking risks with your decisions. In this guide, you will get a few helpful tips about finding and moving into a rental property that will ensure the process goes smoothly for you.

Roommates or going solo?

Living with a group of friends is one option many young people gravitate towards, however, there are things to consider before moving in with your friends, namely about living habits. While you all might get on like a house on fire as mates, you may live you home lives all very differently. The classic case here is when one of you is super tidy and the other is messy. Things like this may seem small but can lead to discord and tension over time, so make sure you have these conversations long before moving day.

Knowing what to look for

If you have never rented before and this is your first property having finally flown the nest from your parents house, then you might not know the types of things you need to be looking for so it is a good idea to look up a list of things you need to look for so you don’t make any rookie mistakes. For example, make sure you check what safety precautions there are in the property. These could include things like fire alarms, carbon-monoxide detectors, and a deadbolt lock on your front door. Another thing worth looking out for is the amount of natural light you have in the property as you won’t want to have lights on all day every day. You can do this by simply opening the curtains and turning off the main light in each room to see the light levels. It may be a good idea to visit the property more than once so that you can see the light levels at different times of the day but also to be sure this is the right place for you.

Keeping yourself and your possessions safe

When you are moving into a new place you will want to make it feel like a proper home and furnish it with all of your prized possessions. Of course, this means you will want to make sure that they are all protected so it is a good idea to look into something such as renters insurance Allstate so your valuables can be replaced if they get broken or are stolen. The benefit of getting renters insurance is that you can then have peace of mind no matter where you move to.

Renting is a great life experience so make sure you do it right.