3 Project Management Apps Every Manager Should Use

3 Project Management Apps Every Manager Should Use

Guest post by Steve Conway.

If there is one complaint common among managers at every level within a company, it would be that they have too much to do and too little time to do it in. Often, it is a matter of not having the kind of organizational tools needed to keep things running on an even keel. Whether you have earned a master’s degree online MSMPP program from a leading school like Brandeis University or have worked your way up the ranks, the best way to get organized is to utilize one or more project management apps.

Of course, that online MSMPP degree would probably have taught you the importance of project management apps in today’s hi-tech corporate environment, but if you aren’t familiar with at least these three apps, you will probably still be unorganized when you retire.

1. Microsoft Project

Leave it to Microsoft to develop a project management program that assists managers in planning jobs so that every collaborator has access to the levels they need to work with. In fact, the simplicity of their latest Project and Portfolio Management software for online Office 365 is just one way in which the industry giant is pioneering in office technology. Whether you install Microsoft Project on your local hard drive or access the software online, this is one user-friendly program no manager should go without.

2. Evernote

Although Evernote is not a project management app in the truest sense of the word, this neat little bit of software enables managers to take notes, organize them in the Cloud, and then grant access to users as needed. Those days of walking around with a clipboard are long gone. Simply access Evernote on your handheld device, dictate a voice memo and share or save as needed. All in all, a really easy to use platform that makes note taking a breeze. A basic form of Evernote can be used for free, but if you have large scale projects with multiple teams, you may want to consider the paid version.

3. Basecamp

Basecamp isn’t one of the better-known project management apps but, like Evernote, it enables users to keep track of projects online. You can grant users access, which enables everyone working on a project to be on the same page. In this way, everyone knows exactly what has been done, what is left to do and can make a note of tasks they’ve completed. Again, this is a Cloud-based app that anyone with a project and program management degree should become familiar with.

There are other project management programs and apps which also work well, but these are the easiest to understand and, consequently, the most user-friendly. If you are a manager at any level and find that you have trouble staying organized or communicating with your teams, try these three apps for starters. From taking and sharing notes to scheduling appointments, you can do more than merely layout step-by-step details of projects you are running. The technology to make your life easy is out there; it’s a matter of finding what works best for you.

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