Introducing Orca Social, a member-based social media consultancy

Orca_Logo_dark grey_5Earlier this week, we (Ed Major and I) launched a new company called Orca Social as we see a need for large B2B companies to make better use of social technologies. Visit the website here.

The key for B2B companies is to learn to do social from within. The alternative is grim: If they engage external resources it becomes costly, slow and inauthentic. And, even more important, they miss out on the chance to break the silos and nurture a culture on which you can scale the social efforts to include e.g. social selling, social media customer service, social listening, internal collaboration etc.

In many cases, the latter is where the big business case lies for B2Bs, and not in e.g. a campaign-driven approach run by Marketing (which is unfortunately what we see too often).

You can of course still do marketing via social, but I would say that it shouldn’t take up more than 10% of your time and focus. Also, using social for marketing purposes is much easier once you’ve build a true following and gained goodwill from your audiences.

Our offering: Low-cost, high impact
The idea with Orca Social is to base our services on a membership. In short, B2Bs become members and they then get ongoing advice and consultancy, and they also get access to monthly webinars feat. industry experts plus our knowledge database.

However, in the long run the most valuable part is that they get access to their peers in other B2B companies via our member forum.

On top (and often before) all of the above, we take our members through an intense two-day workshop where we move from open strategy development (involving key stakeholders from across the organization), through tactics and metrics and finally end up with a training session.

The workshops also include the writing up of a driving guide to ensure that members are not ‘lost’ once the sessions are over.

We’ve developed workshops to both get companies started on social media and in order to scale or refine their efforts. The latter includes topics like content marketing, social selling, social media customer service, internal collaboration, social listening and the collaborative economy.

Don’t hesitate to reach out me or Ed if you want to learn more. You can write us via the Contact page. Or you can even call us. That’s ok too!

Welcome to Orca Social! We’re enabling social from within. We’re convinced that you can take your B2B brand from zero to ninety with a relatively small effort. You just need to do it the right way. And use our services, of course.

Visit to learn more.

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