This week I officially launched a new company together with Jesper Schmidt, former creative director at DDB and Wibroe, Duckert & Partners.

The name of the company? It’s very simple: Wichmann/Schmidt (website here). We figured that in this industry it’s all about relationships, and over time the platforms and strategies are bound to change anyway. So why not stick to what will not change?

In a way, it’a also funny to have an old school name that sounds a bit like a law firm.

I worked with Jesper during my brief spell at Wibroe, Duckert & Partners last year. Since I left, he left too, and as we discovered that we compliment each other really well and have a shared vision of what brands need to do (and not do) we decided to join forces.

So what is Wichmann/Schmidt about?
Well, we are a creative agency. We advise and execute within strategy, communication, media and business ideas.

We like to refer to ourselves as the world’s smallest full-service agency. By collaborating and networking with freelancers, specialists etc. we insource only who is needed for a job.

So we can scale it up and down as we see fit – making our setup dynamic, efficient and just right for our clients.

Connecting the dots
What we really do is connecting the dots. Brands need their customers’ attention (of course), but the customers’ attention is more and more all over the place. Therefore, brands need not only a good idea and a clear story, but also a clever plan on the relevant media platforms. And everything has to be tied together.

It’s really very simple or even basic. Brands need to know what they want to say, and how and where they need to say it.

What makes it complex are the many, many brand platforms, empowered employees, advertising opportunities and departments that have a say in what the company is about and should say.

And that is where we come in…

Swan Lake – Royal Danish Ballet
Last week, the result of one of the first Wichmann/Schmidt projects came out. We’ve helped The Royal Danish Theatre with a campaign for a new, modern version Swan Lake – the classic ballet by Tchaikovsky.

As the theatre – and its corps de ballet – are focusing on being more open and inviting in their approach, we created a Tumblr page specifically around Swan Lake where people can get backstage and follow the preparations, the dancers, the costumes and the making of ballet.

We also (among other things) produced a trailer for the ballet, in collaboration with production company New Land, director Casper Balslev and DoP Manuel Alberto Claro. The film will speak for itself:

[vimeo 120282220 w=460 h=259]


What about Orca Social?
Now, some will probably ask if this means that I’m leaving Orca behind. That is not the case. Orca Social is growing steadily, and we’re actually expanding this year (more to come).

But through out my career I’ve always been involved in the actual communication and execution too – writing, filming, concept development etc. – and I’ve simply come to miss it.

With Wichmann/Schmidt balance is restored as I now do both advice and consulting in Orca Social, and get to work creatively too.

Also, Ed and I both believe that my new venture will benefit both Orca and our members as Wichmann/Schmidt will compliment the Orca offering.

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