In case you haven’t noticed: Social media has changed the way the world communicates.

B2C companies have eagerly embraced the opportunities which social media has brought about, but B2Bs are still – by and large – lost in the past, struggling to see why it’s relevant for them.

Therefore, we (i.e. Orca Social) decided to do a research project to investigate if, why and how B2B should use social media. That project has now ended.

The first tangible result is an eBook entitled “10 Reasons B2B Companies Need Social Media”.

You can download the eBook here (it’s free)

The eBook provides you with an overview of the ten main reasons why B2Bs need to act now. And it also suggests a number of ways you can go about it, on a tactical level.

The main conclusion
Allow me to give away the main conclusion right here: Our research – which is based on extensive quantitative as well as qualitative studies – shows an enormous untapped both economic and cultural potential for B2B companies. Both short and long-term.

We even go as far as concluding that long-term social technologies is a matter of do or die for the majority of B2B companies. It’s that important.

We need a new name for it
Now you might be thinking: “If the opportunity is so big how come so many B2B companies have distanced themselves from it?”

We believe that it often comes down to a limited view of what social media is. It is more than Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or Pinterest. It is more than the sum of its platforms and more than comments, likes or shares.

Fundamentally, it is the result of technology opening up communication, collaboration and the sharing of information across networks of people.

For this reason, we use the all encompassing term Social Technologies to refer to every use of technology to facilitate this.

A broader perspective
From this broader perspective, the barriers on your thinking begin to fall and the far reaching benefits of social technologies for B2B companies reveal themselves.

The world of social technology has much to offer the B2B world, all it takes is an open mind and a willingness to take action.

I hope you will enjoy the eBook. And that you will share it with your CEO.

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NB: The eBook was launched on Nov 18 2015 at the EEC15 conference in Bilbao, Spain. Below you find the slidedeck from my presentation. And there’s even a Periscope recording made available here.

Also, please note that a full report will be out soon.

[slideshare id=55246140&doc=jonathanwichmannorcasocial10reasonsbilbao18nov2015-151118105810-lva1-app6891]

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