The programme for season 2016/2017 is out. Now, it’s all about getting the tickets sold for all the the many dramas, operas, ballets, concerts etc. that are to come.

To do this, the Royal Danish Theatre – home to both the renowned Royal Danish Ballet and the spectacular Royal Opera House in Copenhagen – engaged Wichmann/Schmidt, or “the world’s smallest full-service agency” as we like to call it.

The result is here. It’s a campaign that tells the story of the many people involved in the making of a new production. Both the stars and the unseen (and unsung) heroes of the theatre.

An odyssey of creation
The campaign’s centrepiece is the TV ad. It’s a musical and visual mash-up, an odyssey of creation. Here, we see how the entire theatre is getting prepared: Scene technicians, make-up artists, children at the ballet school, tailors, musicians as well as actors, opera singers and ballet dancers.

They all have one thing in common: They’re striving to create yet another magical season at the theatre. In the TV ad they are all part of the same “beat” in a multi-faceted yet homogeneous effort towards the grand premiere.

Here’s the 96 sec long. director’s cut (English version):

Same team as last year
Jacob Rosendal, Marketing Director at the Royal Danish Theatre, once again hired us to ensure that the theatre gets the needed creative output, commercial outcome and attention. Last year, we developed the highly praised campaign for the theatre’s new interpretation of “Swan Lake”. It was a smashing hit.

Jacob Rosendal says: ”Wichmann/Schmidt are good at seeing and identifying our potential from the outside. They challenge us, force us to think conceptually and find the very best people for the job.”

For this campaign, the Royal Danish Theatre and Wichmann/Schmidt has engaged director Casper Balslev and production company New Land. That’s the same team who created the “Swan Lake” campaign last year.

The theatre or Netflix?
The TV ad is accompanied by three backstage films where you can get closer to some of the people participating in the main film. In the backstage films they talk about life behind the scenes at the theatre and why people should choose the theatre over e.g. Netflix.

You can watch all the films below.

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UPDATE / Dec 2017

We’re proud to see that the film has now picked up several international awards, including two lions at Cannes 2017.

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TV ad, short version:

TV ad, long version:

Backstage film #1 – theatre:

Backstage film #2 – ballet:

Backstage film #3 – opera:


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