The Importance of a Clean Workspace

Did you know there’s a National Clean Off Your Desk Day? It is held on January 9th and is one day of the year when you have no excuses. If your employees can manage to get their desks looking tidy for one day, should it be a problem to keep them organized for the other 364 days of the year? They might actually like being a little bit more organised, and their productivity will definitely increase. If cleanliness of the workspace is not the first thing your team thinks about every day, here are some reasons that could change their outlook forever.

It Makes Them Look More Professional

Encourage them to look at their desk from an outsiders point of view and think what an untidy desk conveys. A tidy desk speaks volumes and makes the person sat behind it look more competent and professional. It doesn’t matter whether it’s their appearance or their workspace they are taking pride in, both have a lot to say about a person.

Increases Efficiency

If your employees have tidy desks, they are going to know where everything is and not waste time looking for important paperwork or a pen to sign a letter. It’s all too easy to lose items under stacks of paperwork and spend hours looking for them. Providing storage solutions for your team will result in less surface clutter.


A lot of the information your employees use will be sensitive and should not be left lying around on a desk. Leaving it sitting around means that anyone can look at it, which is a serious concern. 

They Will be Much Happier

If your employees are able to work in a well-maintained environment, they will be more productive, efficient and most important of all, happy. It’s important your employees are happy in their work because, on average, 8 hours of their day is spent in the workplace.

Allocate Certain Cleaning Duties

It is counterproductive to give all the cleaning duties to your employees, but they can be charged with keeping their own workspace tidy. Hiring a cleaning service in Newburgh NY such as America’s Cleaning Service will be the perfect solution for large-scale cleaning jobs and many of the not so pleasant cleaning duties.

Minimises Stress

Your employees might not appreciate it at first, but it’s likely they’ll notice a difference in the stress levels when their desks are kept tidy. Piles of paper, jumbles of wires, and nothing having a place of its own can make the largest of spaces seem very overwhelming. If everything has a place of its own, your employees are going to be able to think clearly and tackle tasks with ease.

Safer Workplace

Safety of your employees is of paramount importance, and by encouraging them to keep the workplace clean and tidy, you are improving the safety of the environment. Slip, trip, and fall hazards are going to be reduced. It will help to prevent the spread of germs and illnesses. If green cleaning products are used, it will be safer for your employees and kind to the environment.

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