Girls With Guns: This Is Probably The Best Opera-Ballet-Theatre Mash-up TV Ad You Will Ever See

The Royal Danish Theatre’s new campaign is a beautiful musical and visual mash-up of artistic creation, rehearsal and getting ready for the show. It was developed by agency Wichmann/Schmidt.

The collaborative economy in Europe & why non-profits and big brands will win

The collaborative economy is growing in size, in usage, and in complexity. But how is it fairing in Europe? Who’s winning? And what does it take to win?

Climate change & why we need the collaborative economy (badly)

The collaborative economy might not reduce consumption, but it offers us an exponential, highly scalable solution.

Measuring ‘fame’: The simple method used for my list of Top 10 most famous Danes

The “Top 10: Most Famous Danes in 2015” list published has been created using the following method: 1. I asked my Facebook friends to name who they think should be on the list. 2. I took this shortlist (a pretty long list) of names to Google Trends and started analysing them and benchmarking them against …

The collaborative economy is growing – now includes healthcare, logistics, corporate, utilities, municipal and learning.

What role do companies play, if people get what they need from each other?

Why brands need to stop talking about themselves. And other content marketing lessons from Guitar Center.

In September, Guitar Center took home three top awards for their YouTube channel at CMI’s Content Marketing Awards 2014. I talked to them to learn how they did it.