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2021-07-21: “To solve big issues like climate change, we need to reframe our problems”. My own article, co-written with Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg, published on

2020-06-08: “Topledere uden stemme på sociale medier – kom ind i kampen!”. Featured in Mandag Morgen article written by Jeppe Sahlholdt.

2020-04-18: “På opdagelse i kedsomhedens anatomi”. Danish literary critic writes about boredom, drawing on “Leth and boredom”, not least the Enderby lecture.

2019-12-17: “Maersk’s social media position not liked by all”. Quoted in article on Splash247 how container shipping companies are doing on social media these days.

2019-05-13: “What if big-tech companies became non-profits?”. My own article published on

2019-03-15: “Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales Talks Clickbait, Fake News, the Information Wars and How to Fix a Broken Internet”. Article published on Medium.

2019-01-02: “Sådan kan finansverdenen redde verden”. Op-ed published on Danish business site

2018-12-11: “How the finance industry can save the world”. My own article published on

2018-11-09: “3 Detailed B2B Marketing Examples and What They Teach Us”. Yet another Maersk social media case study.

2018-09-10: “11 future lessons we can learn from the history of business”. My own article published on

2018-08-02: “Our world is changing – but not as rapidly as people think”. My own article published on

2018-01-15: “The 8 Best B2B Social Media Success Stories the World Has Ever Seen”. My work at Maersk highlighted on

2017-11-02: “Royalt dobbelt-guld i Berlin”. News that Wichmann/Schmidt won two Gold awards at Ciclope Festival 2017 for our “Mash Up” TV and cinema ad for The Royal Danish Theatre.

2017-10-11: “Top 3 social media tips for startups”. Interview with me during GITEX Future Stars 2017 in Dubai.

2017-06-23: “New Land, Wichmann/Schmidt & Bacon vinder løver i Cannes”. News that Wichmann/Schmidt won two Cannes Lion awards for our “Mash Up” TV and cinema ad for The Royal Danish Theatre.

2017-06-13: “Cykelkommentatoren blev “kongen af cool”. Being quoted in article about Danish poet and filmmaker Jørgen Leth on his 80th birthday.

2017-01-26: “Start-ups vie to be Uber of box sector”. Article in TradeWinds by Ian Lewis about new digital business models in logistics feat. my list of most promising startups.

2016-09-05: “BT er nu også til film”. Article on about our work for Danish newspaper BT. (in Danish)

2016-08-10: “How to Make Money on Plane — But Is It Safe?”. Interviewed for article on crowd shipping published on Yahoo!.

2016-06-02: “Behind the Curtain”. Article on LS:N Global about our film for the Royal Danish Theatre.

2016-06-01: “Du skal være god til at navigere på alle platforme”. My work featured in article about social and digital in KOM magasinet. (in Danish)

2016-05-19: “Royal Danish Theatre Just Put Out a Truly Crazy Paean to the Creative Process”. Article on Adweek about our film for the Royal Danish Theatre.

2016-05-19: “Ad Break: StubHub, Royal Danish Theatre, League Against Cruel Sports, Bepanthen”. Our TV ad for the Royal Danish Theatre featured in Guardian‘s “Ad Break”.

2016-05-19: “Sådan sælger man Det Kongelige Teater: Med flotte film”. Article on about Wichmann/Schmidt’s film for the Royal Danish Theatre. (in Danish)

2016-05-19: “Det Kgl. hylder fællesskabet”. Article in Markedsforing about Wichmann/Schmidt’s 2016/2017 campaign for the Royal Danish Theatre. (in Danish)

2016-05-04: “Nykredit-oprør smuldrer – men kampen fortsætter”. Being interviewed by Danish newspaper Berlingske about the Nykredit social media crisis. (in Danish)

2016-04-23: “Will freight transportation become “Uberized”? I don’t see it”. Article by Peter Tirschwell on featuring my list of most promising startups in logistics.

2016-01-13: “Why B2Bs Have It All Wrong About Social Media”. Blog post written by myself for Jay Baer’s Convince & Convert website.

2016-01-12: “The Must-Follow Principles of B2B Social Media Success”. Being interviewed by Jay Baer and Adam Brown on the Social Pros Podcast.

2016-01-06: “Balladesag i Bilka rammer næppe omsætningen”. Being interviewed by Berlingske about the Bilka social media crisis. (in Danish)

2016-01-03: “DR2 Deadline”. Being part of a panel analysing social media crises (in Danish):

2015-12-23: “Why B2B Companies Need to Use Social Media, with Jonathan Wichmann #SMKnowHow”. Being interviewed by Jorgen Sundberg of LinkHumans – about B2B social, boredom and beer.

2015-12-14: “10 Reasons B2B Companies Need Social Media”. My presentation at EEC15 in Bilbao:

2015-09-29: “Fremtiden banker på transportforretningens hoveddør”. Article by Poul Breil-Hansen for SCM & Logistik based on my talk at “Transportens Dag” in Copenhagen. (in Danish)

2015-09-29: “Husk at lytte, glem profitten”. Article by Camilla Gade for Transportmagasinet based on my talk at Transportens Dag in Copenhagen. (in Danish)

2015-09-11: “Du har et flot cv, men vi har set os sure på din sociale profil”. Featured in article about employee social media usage and crisis handling in Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten.

2015-08-12: “Tivoli lancerer X Factor-show som ny markedsføring”. Article on Danish agency media site about Wichmann/Schmidt’s work for Danish amusement park Tivoli. (in Danish)

2015-08-03: “How B2B Companies Can Use Social Media [5 Tips]”. Mention of the Maersk Norwich whale incident case in article by Isobel Tetchner on LinkHumans’ blog.

2015-07-15: “The Shipping Podcast”. Being interviewed by Lena Gothberg for her Shipping Podcast series.

2015-06-02: “88 marketers you should follow on Twitter”. Featured on Jay Baer’s list of 88 influential marketers on Twitter.

2015-05-22: “Så store er Mærsk blevet på sociale medier”. Article in Danish newspaper Berlingske’s Business Magazine about Maersk on social media, incl. my three examples of other B2B companies doing good things on social. (in Danish)

2015-05-21: “Et interview om internettet med Jonathan Wichmann, der er ekspert i sociale medier”. Interview with Danish magazine Euroman about my Internet habits and some other things. (in Danish)

2015-05-20: “40 år gammelt skibsforlis gav Mærsk gennembrud på de sociale medier”. Interview in Danish newspaper Politiken about social, digital and the 3rd industrial revolution – and a bit about Maersk. (in Danish)

2015-05-07: “Mr. Social Media skal give MSC ny profil”. Article on about MSC joining Orca Social (in Danish). English version here.

2015-05-07: “MSC Signs exclusive partnership with Orca Social”. Press release about MSC joining Orca Social.

2015-04-29: “Maersk Line: B2B Social Media – “It’s communication, not marketing””. Case study from Columbia University by Zsolt Katona and Miklos Sarvary, as part of the Berkeley-Haas case series.

2015-04-16: “Top 20: The Ultimate Logistics Technology Roundup”. Favorable mention of my logistics startups list in a blog post by Freightos.

2015-03-05: “How to Creatively Use Twitter to Build and Network Your Brand”. Article by Mac Gorcey-Biblowitz on the ConnectUp Blog about my interview with LinkHumans.

2015-02-24: “To eks-Partners folk bag nyt bureau”. Article on Danish marketing site about the launch of Wichmann/Schmidt and our “Swan Lake” campaign for The Royal Danish Theatre. (in Danish)

2015-02-17: “Do not pee down both legs”. A small case study on the Maersk Norwich whale strike incident and how to do crisis communications on social media.

2015-02-16: “Maersk: Building Brand Identity Through Social Media”. A good Maersk Line in social media case study written by David Thibault.

2015-02-12: “Five Social Media Podcasts That Make Our Hearts Flutter”. A very kind mention of my podcast on MarketingProfs with host Kerry O’Shea Gorgone.

2015-02-01: “Sjöfarten är långt fram och ändå så långt efter”. Lena Göthberg discusses digital communication in the shipping industry. (in Swedish)

2014-12-15: “Social Media als Imagefaktor: Ein Plädoyer für gutes Storytelling”. Good mention on German site of some of my points regarding advertising vs communication in relation to a small case on Burger King’s social media usage. (in German)

2014-11-24: “How Maersk Line Became A Social Media Powerhouse”. Great Maersk Line in social media case study by David O’Rourke.

2014-11-13: “B2B Marketing Day 2014”. An interview from the conference (in Danish):

2014-11-12: “The Best Video Content About the Greatest Feeling on Earth””. Blog post I wrote for Jay Baer’s Convince & Convert about Guitar Center‘s content marketing efforts, incl. an interview with Dustin Hinz.

2014-09-22: “Eksperternes råd: Sådan undgår din virksomhed en “shitstorm” på sociale medier”. Article on on social media crises management. (in Danish)

2014-09-13: “Highlights from EXCHAiNGE – the supply chains convention”. Video interview from the conference in Frankfurt in June, 2014.

2014-07-08: “EXCHAiNGE: Supply chain management in transition”. Recap of my keynote about the sharing economy and the supply chain at the EXCHAiNGE conference in Franfurt.

2014-06-22: “Maersk Line: B2B Social Media – “It’s communication, not marketing””. Case study by Zsolt Katona and Miklos Sarvary of Berkeley’s Haas School of Business in the California Management Review.

2014-06-18: “Video can drive change – a chat with Jonathan Wichmann”. A video interview about corporate use of video, in particular around B2B and social media. The interviewer was Jon Nedza of 23 Video.

Video can drive change 23 video jonathan wichmann

2014-06-04: “Social media ekspert blev kun kort hos Partners”. Article in Danish about me leaving WDP to focus on Orca Social. (In Danish)

2014-05-29: “Webinar: Scaling Social Media Across B2B Companies”. Featured on a Hootsuite webinar with Rylan Holey, Partner Manager at Hootsuite.

2014-05-24: “Pas på virksomhedens digitale omdømme”. Article in Danish business magazine Berlingske Business about online reputation and social media crises. (In Danish)

2014-05-07: “Maritime goes social”. Article by George Martin on IHS Maritime on the state of social media in the shipping industry.

2014-04-21: “Content Marketing: The Indispendable Guide for Business Services”. Featured in case study in this e-book by Kapost and Liz O’Neil.

2014-04-14: “How To Market Like A Thought Leader”. Blog post by Anders Sorman-Nilsson on the Ode Management page, focusing specifically on the thought leadership aspect of the Maersk case.

2014-04-09: “Shipshape Social Strategy for B2B: Jonathan Wichmann Talks to Marketing Smarts [Podcast].” Interview in an episode of MarketingProfs’ Marketing Smart podcast series by Kerry O’Shea Gorgone.

2014-03-19: “A Beginner’s Guide To Lead Conversion With Social Media”. Article about lead generation via social media where the #WinterMaersk campaign and approach is used as an example.

2014-03-14: “Bold leaders in Social: Jonathan Wichmann”. Good mini-portrait of myself in a post by The Bold Agency.

2014-03-10: “Virksomheder er for forfængelige til sociale medier”. Portrait in Danish weekly Mandag Morgen, written by Villads Andersen.

2014-03-04: “The Future of B2B Marketing: Thought Leadership Perspectives from a Futurist”. Case study on the Thinque website underpinning why thought leadership is important, not least for B2Bs.

2014-03-04: “Virksomheder: Frygt ej Facebook”. Article on Danish website on companies’ use of social media. (in Danish)

2014-03-03: “B2B content: Why what you share matters”. Short post by Mik Mattyasovszky on the Maersk Norwich whale strike and developing an online presence from within that stays true to the brand.

2014-02-15: “The Enterprise Social Media Relations Strategy: The Case of Maersk Line”. Article by Anette Agerdal-Hjermind in the Communication & Language at work journal (no. 3).

2014-02-11: “Social So Good”. Post by ‘Skipper’ on Ship Talk on my leaving Maersk and the future of the shipping industry.

2014-01-30: “3 B2B Case Studies That Prove the Power of Content Marketing”. Post by Jennifer Tribe on her Clear Prose Communications blog.

2014-01-02: “The power of social and sharing”. My own guest post, written as an open letter to the shipping industry, on Maritime CEO and other websites belonging to Asia Shipping Media.

2013-11-27: “Skab forretningsværdi på de sociale medier”. A recap of a session hosted by RelationsPeople on 27 November 2013. (in Danish)

2013-11-12: “Maersk följs av miljoner”. Interview in Swedish maritime magazine Sjörapporten. Written by Tobias Fälth. (In Swedish)

2013-11-12: “Can Pinterest win over ‘Facebook nation’?”. An article in The Copenhagen Post about Pinterest in Denmark, based on a print article in Danish business newspaper Børsen.

2013-11-11: “Maersk Line and Social Media”. Case study and phone interview by Karim Kanji on his blog the social media age.

2013-11-07: “Building the social enterprise”. Article in McKinsey Quarterly including section about my work at Maersk Line.

2013-11-06: “The 5 Best B2B Social Media Campaigns”. A very favorable mention/feature in this post on the LB DGA blog. It’s written by Fiona Smout.

2013-10-21: “An unlikely social media success”. Article by Rosie Murray-West in the CorpComms Magazine.

2013-10-03: “Social media is about communication, not marketing”. Article on the Stratton Craig blog, based on an article in CorpComms Magazine.

2013-10-02: “What Can We Learn From Maersk Line’s Social Media Presence?” Article on the Business 2 Community website, written by Nina Whittaker.

2013-09-11: “gCaptain Radio Episode 13 – Social Media”. Radio episode by analyzing Maersk Line’s use of social media. Featuring gCaptain founder John Konrad and radio host Jeff Eckles.

2013-09-10: “”We Killed a Whale” – How Do You Deal With a Toxic PR Story?” @MaerskLine case study focusing on crisis handling and PR. Written by Linnea Dunne on the blur Media blog.

2013-09-04: “Maersk through with the hard part of social media”. Article in Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten and on where Thomas Bigum is interviewed about the future of social media in Maersk Line after my departure.

2013-09-04: “World’s Top Shipping Company Has The Best Instagram Account If You Like Photos Of Gigantic Ships”. Nice feature of the @MaerskLine Instagram account on Business Insider.

2013-09-03: “Facing dead whale or lost cargo, shipper Maersk turns to social media”. Case study on Maersk Line in social media on Written by Ole Mikkelsen.

2013-08-22: “B2B Use of Social Media Doesn’t Have to Mean Boring-to-Boring”. Maersk Line case study by Paul Chaney on the Bizzuka blog.

2013-08-20: “Facebook-helt forlader Mærsk”. Article in Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten about me leaving Maersk.

2013-08-19: “Mød Jonathan Wichmann, der var chefen for de sociale medier i Mærsk”. Interview on Apropos Magazine by Niclas Sten. (in Danish)

2013-08-19: “1 Million Facebook Fans Prove Maersk Line’s Remarkable B2B Social Smarts”. Case study on written by Bob Evans, Oracle’s CCO.

2013-08-19: “‘Social mirakelmager’ forlader Mærsk”. Article on Danish business newspaper Børsen’s website about my decision to leave Maersk Line for Wibroe, Duckert & Partners. (in Danish)

2013-08-14: “Sailing the Seven Seas with Maersk Line”. Case study on Instagram’s Business Blog.

2013-08-05: “The Big Brand Theory: How Maersk Grew Social Media Influence in the Shipping Industry”. Case study by Ric Dragon in his Big Brand Theory series on Social Media Today.

2013-07-19: “Shipping Giant Maersk Explains ‘Every Company Is A Media Company'”. Blog post about Maersk Line and the website you’re reading right now by Tom Foremski on Silicon Valley Watcher.

2013-07-17: “Challenging Preconceptions”. Video interview by Kate Russell in The Biz Couch at Oracle’s CloudWorld in London:

2013-07-11: “7 Lessons for Effective B2B Content Marketing via the Maersk Line Case Study”. Another good blog post about Maersk Line’s social media efforts, focusing primarily on the B2B content marketing side of it. Written by Ayaz Lakhani on the Search Decoder blog associated with NYU’s Inbound Marketing Clinic.

2013-07-03: “Maersk: An inspiring B2B social media case”. Blog post by Nicole Gläser of Think Facebook.

2013-06-27: “How Maersk Line Use Social Media”. Case study and really good walk-through of Maersk Line’s social media channels by Jorgen Sundberg on Link Humans’ blog.

2013-06-26: “Engaging by type of relationship”. Recording from a webinar with Charlene Li and Brian Solis of Altimeter Group where they talk about Maersk Line’s mapping of social media platforms by audiences and content types.

2013-06-19: “3 Ways Social Media Empowers B2B Marketing”. Favorable mention in article by Julie Barsamian on Blue Fountain Media’s blog ‘The ROI Factor’.

2013-06-18: “Social Media – Building a Strategy”. Favorable mention in blog post by Raphael O’Donoghue on

2013-06-15: “Sociale medier må ikke manipulere”. Interview in Danish communications magazine KOM Magasinet. (in Danish)

2013-05-13: “How Maersk Line made a splash in social media”. Being interviewed by David Edelman for McKinsey’s CMSO Forum as well as their Insights & Publications section.

2013-05-13: “Maersk bäst i klassen på sociala medier”. Short presentation of the ‘Maersk Line in social media’ story on Logistik & Transport’s website.

2013-05-09: “Case Study: Maersk Line’s People Stories”. A case study on our video production and how we use Candidio to do most of the editing.

2013-05-06: “Is there a Right Way to Use Twitter for #B2B #LeadGeneration”. Interesting post with favorable mention of Maersk Line by Louis Fong on his LEADership blog.

2013-05-06: “How to Develop a Social Media Strategy, Not a Bunch of Tactics”. Favorable mention in blog post by Jim Dougherty on The Vocus Blog.

2013-04-30: “Maersk Line på Facebook”. Q&A-style interview by Eva Bøgelund in djøfbladet. (in Danish)

2013-04-26: “B2B Customers & Social Media”. A small case study on Maersk Line by Robin McPherson of arnoldi:mcpherson in a series about “the social customer”.

2013-04-22: “How to do Social Media Efficiently”. Blog post by Jim Dougherty on the Vocus Blog, including a favorable mention of Maersk Line.

2013-04-15: “One for the textbooks”. Jim Rhodes writes about the Maersk Norwich whale strike on

2013-04-12: “One of My New Favorite B2B Social Media Sites”. Blog post by Traci Browne on Trade Show Institute.

2013-04-11: “20 B2B Companies to Follow on Instagram”. Maersk Line made it to no. 2 on this elite list created by Nitrogram.

2013-04-11: “Don’t think like a publisher. Think like a publishing start-up.” Favorable mention of Maersk Line as “the unexpected social media hero of 2012” in an interesting blog post by Ryan Skinner on Velocity.

2013-04-10: “Shipping containers that tweet”. Ric Dragon blogs about surprising Twitter stories (including @MaerskLine) on Marketing Land.

2013-04-10: “Maersk Line frigør potentialet for sociale medier”. Blog post by Valtech profiling Maersk Line’s approach to social service. (in Danish)

2013-04-10: “Den omvendte evangelist”. Profile in Danish business newspaper Børsen. (in Danish)

2013-04-10: “Maersk Line sender salgsstyrken på Twitter”. Interview in Danish business newspaper Børsen regarding our plans regarding social selling. (in Danish)

2013-04-10: “Har du chattet med din container i dag?”. Editorial column in Danish business newspaper børsen, written by Poul Funder Larsen. (in Danish)

2013-04-10: “Maersk Line: Vi skal tidligere ind i købsprocessen”. Interview on Danish business newspaper Børsen’s Internet TV with Ayoe Maria Jurhagen. (in Danish)

2013-04-09: “The Status of Sharing”. Blog post by Robin Thornton on mononewsblog.

2013-04-02: “Shipping and Digital Communications”. Small case study by PGC Global.

2013-04-01: “A powerful B2B social media case”. Case study by Jim Dougherty on, based on my SMW2013 presentation.

2013-03-25: “How Maersk Line Container Shipping Turned B2B Social Media on Its Head”. Case study by Claire BeDell on Sprout Social.

2013-03-21: “B2B Case Study: Maersk Gets Social Media Right”. Article written by Achim Klor of SterlingKlor.

2013-03-15: “Net Increase”. Article in The Baltic on the use of social media in the shipping industry. Written by Greg Knowler.

2013-02-24: “DR1 TV Avisen”. Interview and case story on Maersk Line in social media (in Danish):

2013-02-21: “Næste skridt for Maersk Line: Sådan skal social medier skabe værdi på bundlinjen”. My article in the magazine Market Community. Available online via free subscription. (in Danish)

2013-02-19: “Telling the story of Maersk Line”. Interview by from Social Media Week in Copenhagen.

2013-02-18: “Next step for Maersk Line: Unlocking the full potential of social media”. The live stream from my presentation at the Maersk HQ during SMW13.

2013-02-17: Elektronista Week 7 #64. Guest on the Danish radio show “Elektronista” on Radio24syv. (in Danish)

2013-02-12: “Maersk Line i front på sociale medier”. Case study and interview in Danish magazine Maritime Danmark. (in Danish)

2013-02-05: “If your company doesn’t have time for social media, buyers may not have time for you”. Blog post by Steve Ballantyne on Idealog is New Zealand’s leading (creative) business magazine.

2013-01-31: “The Power of Pictures in Social Media Marketing”. Blog post by Steve Richards on

2013-01-29: “How Social Media has outsourced the ‘Image of Shipping’ debate”. A case study by Neville Smith on Maritime Insight’s website.

2013-01-27: “Virksomhedens digitale strategi – Hvor ligger effekten?” Blog post by Hou Media. (in Danish)

2013-01-22: “How can a giant cargo ship company Facebook?”. Blog post and nice words by Gabor George Burt.

2013-01-18: “The Social Hour #94”. Live-interview on US web TV-show hosted by Sarah Lane and Amber MacArthur:

2013-01-11: “B2B can be plenty social when it comes to their people”. Blog post by David Edelman of McKinsey.

2013-01-08: “How a shipping company earned 650,000 Facebook fans in a year”. Interview and case study on

2012-12-19: “Outsideren på Esplanaden”. Portrait in Danish business newspaper Børsen. (in Danish)

2012-11-25: “Han gør Mærsk menneskelig”. Portrait in Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten. (in Danish)

2012-11-14: “Sosial Direkte #5”. Live interview on Norwegian web-tv program (in Norwegian/Danish):

2012-11-07: “Media-miraklet i Maersk Line”. My own guest article on Danish comms site (in Danish)

2012-10-31: “Eco & Social Go Hipster at SXSW Eco Conference”. Blog post mentioning my session at SXSW Eco 2012 in Austin, Texas.

2012-09-25: “SMW London 2012 presentation”. The livestream from presentation made at the Facebook Hub in London:

2012-09-17: “Maersk Line wins Social Media of the Year Award”. News story on

2012-09-13: “Maersk: Are social media worth the costs?” Interview on trade website

2012-08-06: “Foot in the Mouth Social Media/PR Moments”. Interview on #BBSradio with Michele Price (from around 80:30).

2012-06-26: “Maersk Line: Facebook er billig eksponering”. Article on Maersk Line’s use of social media in Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten.

2012-06-26: “Maersk on Facebook: A balance between openness and trust”. Interview on trade website

2012-06-25: “Why Maersk Line likes Facebook”. Interview on trade website

2012-06-06: “Social media gets Maersk plugged in”. Case study in trade publication TradeWinds. Written by Ian Lewis.

2012-06-05: “The B2B marketing story of Maersk: How to engage with customers online”. A live webinar hosted by

2012-03-20: “In an industry where you think no one is social”. Video interview with Scott Stratten from B2B Marketing Forum.

2012-03-08: “Instagram Lessons from a Giant B2B Company”. A case interview on Jay Baer’s Social Pros podcast series.

2012-01-15: “Maersk Line uses social media to interact with customers”. Interview and early case study by J. Boye.

2008-01-19: “Ahh, hvor jeg dog keder mig godt!”. Review of my book “Leth og kedsomheden” (“Leth and Boredom”) by Mikkel Bruun Zangenberg in Danish newspaper Politiken.

2008-01-10: “Det kedelige menneske”. Review of my book “Leth og kedsomheden” (“Leth and Boredom”) by Kamilla Löfström in Danish newspaper Information.

2003-01-01: “The Simultaneous Representation of Existing and Non-existing Phenomena in Borges’ Ficciones”. My article about Borges which was originally published in Variaciones Borges no. 16 (2003).