Ebook: “10 Reasons B2B Companies Need Social Media”

In case you haven’t noticed: Social media has changed the way the world communicates.

B2C companies have eagerly embraced the opportunities which social media has brought about, but B2Bs are still – by and large – lost in the past, struggling to see why it’s relevant for them.

Introducing Orca Social, a member-based social media consultancy

Orca_Logo_dark grey_5Earlier this week, we (Ed Major and I) launched a new company called Orca Social as we see a need for large B2B companies to make better use of social technologies. Visit the website here.

The key for B2B companies is to learn to do social from within. The alternative is grim: If they engage external resources it becomes costly, slow and inauthentic. And, even more important, they miss out on the chance to break the silos and nurture a culture on which you can scale the social efforts to include e.g. social selling, social media customer service, social listening, internal collaboration etc.

Social selling and teaching where our customers learn: Maersk Line’s social media study (part 5)

A magnetic pull like the one needed when doing social selling
A magnetic pull of scrap metal, not unlike what sales reps should strive to achieve via social selling. Painting by Michael Kareken. “Magnet” (2010), Conte, 24″x18″.

Moving on from our findings regarding Social Customer Service, it’s now time to look at what we learned in Maersk Line’s social media study regarding Sales and not least the concept of social selling.

What is social selling?
Briefly put, social selling is about leveraging sales reps’ use of social media to perform better by getting in at an earlier stage in the sales funnel. It’s not about these employees spamming their networks/customers on e.g. LinkedIn and Twitter.