A miracle or a disaster? I just made this short documentary from my recent trip to Dubai.

It’s been a while since I last posted something here myself. Last weekend I went to Dubai to speak at a conference, the GITEX Future Stars. Instead of writing a blog post about it, I decided to do something quite different… a video documentary. Or whatever the genre is.

Why brands need to stop talking about themselves. And other content marketing lessons from Guitar Center.

In September, Guitar Center took home three top awards for their YouTube channel at CMI’s Content Marketing Awards 2014. I talked to them to learn how they did it.

Typos and proof-reading

Time for a post about… typos. Please bear with me, I believe it does make some sort of sense in the context of this site and its overall digital theme. I must admit my thoughts on the importance of avoiding typos and silly mistakes have changed during the past decade. Back then, ten years ago, …

Getting started

… with a starting point I ask myself: What would be interesting to know more about? What’s going on out there that I would want to know, but don’t know yet? And so it all begins. Social media Let’s start with social media. I would like to know more about the social media landscape globally. …