I’m a communication and marketing advisor and consultant, working with B2B large caps and executives primarily.

My main focus is to develop strategies, tactics and content that are effective and make a tangible difference. Sometimes, this requires being bold and savvy. At other times, small steps are the best way forward.

I’m also a member of World Economic Forum’s Expert Network.

Here are a number of pieces written about me – in Forbes, Harvard Business Review, McKinsey, Politiken (in Danish) and Mandag Morgen (in Danish). And a review of my book in Politiken (in Danish).

From 2011-13, I was the Head of Social Media at Maersk Line, helping the shipping giant embark on social media and social business. 

In 2015, I co-founded Wichmann/Schmidt, a creative agency based in Copenhagen, Denmark. In Wichmann/Schmidt, we did strategy, content and media for clients within telecom, finance, transportation, media and professional services.

I have a background as copywriter, videographer and concept developer at a digital agency based in Copenhagen, from 2007-11. Prior to that I worked as a science and culture journalist for Weekendavisen, a Danish weekly.

I hold an MA in Literature from University of Copenhagen and am the author of “Leth og kedsomheden” (2008), a book about boredom.

The best written/formal recommendation I ever got, was from Hanne Vibe Andreasen, Senior Manager at Deloitte Human Capital:

“I would love to be able to copy his ways of working in what seems like a dedicated state of flow, where great achievements, innovation and success come about in no time and with very limited resources. He can single-handedly and in weeks do what others with dozens of people and years are not able to!”

Honours & Awards
2 x Cannes Lions, 2 x Voted best speaker (iStrategy 2013 and 30th International Supply Chain Conference), 1 x Social Media Campaign of the Year in Europe, 2 x True Award Best Film, 2 x Creative Circle Best Film, 1 x Best Community Presence in Europe, 1 x Shots Film Award, 1 x Ciclope Gold Film Award, 1 x Eurobest Film Award.

Feel free to contact me on jw[at]jonathanwichmann.com or +45 61655514.

Some of my video work ↓