I’m a communication and marketing advisor and consultant, working with B2B large caps and executives primarily.

My main focus is to develop strategies, tactics and content that are effective and make a tangible difference. Sometimes, this requires being bold and savvy. At other times, small steps is the best way forward.

I’m also a member of World Economic Forum’s Expert Network.

From 2011-13, I was the Head of Social Media at Maersk Line, helping the shipping giant embark on social media and social business. Read this interview McKinsey did with me about the project.

In 2015, I co-founded Wichmann/Schmidt, a creative agency based in Copenhagen, Denmark. In Wichmann/Schmidt, we did strategy, content and media for clients within telecom, finance, transportation, media and professional services.

I have a background as copywriter, videographer and concept developer at a digital agency based in Copenhagen, from 2007-11. Prior to that I worked as a science and culture journalist for Weekendavisen, a Danish weekly.

I hold an MA in Literature from University of Copenhagen and am the author of “Leth og kedsomheden” (2008), a book about boredom.

Here’s a few other pieces written about me – in Forbes, Harvard Business Review, Politiken (in Danish) and Mandag Morgen (in Danish). And a review of my book in Politiken (in Danish).

Honours & Awards
2 x Cannes Lions, 2 x Voted best speaker (iStrategy 2013 and 30th Int. Supply Chain Conference), 2 x True Award Best Film, 2 x Creative Circle Best Film, 1 x Shots Film Award, 1 x Ciclope Gold Film Award, 1 x Eurobest Film Award, 1 x Social Media Campaign of the Year in Europe, 1 x Best Community Presence in Europe.

The best written/formal recommendation I ever got, was from Hanne Vibe Andreasen, Senior Manager at Deloitte Human Capital:

“I would love to be able to copy his ways of working in what seems like a dedicated state of flow, where great achievements, innovation and success come about in no time and with very limited resources. He can single-handedly and in weeks do what others with dozens of people and years are not able to!”

Feel free to contact me on jw[at]jonathanwichmann.com or +45 61655514.

Some of my video work ↓